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Description of the venue : Sweet Springs Institute is situated at an altitude of 2225 feet in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Monroe County, West Virginia on a 52 acre property of meadows and forest.

Location : The venue is a 4h drive south-west of Washington, DC and Dulles International Airport (IAD), 45 min north-west of Roanoke Airport (ROA) and downtown Roanoke, Virginia (Greyhound bus depot), 30 min from Greenbrier Valley Airport in Lewisburg, West Virginia (LWB) and 20 min southeast of White Sulphur Springs, WV (AMTRAK train). Heading west on I-64, it is 15 min by car from exit 10 to Rte 159 to 311 south. Heading east on I-64, it is 15 min by car from the Crows exit to Rte 311 south, and 20 min by car north of Union, WV on Rte 3. Group pick-up and carpooling are available. All registered participants will receive a local area map with detailed driving instructions.

Gathering space : The gathering space is a 50 foot diameter circus tent measuring 1962.50 sq ft (182 m2) estimated to hold up to 60 persons.

Accommodations : The main house can accommodate up to 12 persons in separate gender dorm rooms of 3-4 per room with shared bathroom on the first floor. Cost is $25 per person per night with bedding included.

Four 18-22 ft diameter tipis can be erected in a clearing at the edge of the forest. Tipis will comfortably lodge 8-10 persons. Cost is $25 per person per night with bedding and $20 if you bring your own mat, pillow and sleeping bag.

Tents can be set up on designated spots on the property. Camping in your own tent is $15 per person per night. SSI can supply and set up tents with bedding at $25 per night per person.

Hammocks or thick mats with mosquito net, pillows and covers can be set up under the practice tent at $20 per person per night. Hammocks with rain awning, mosquito net, pillow and covers can be set up between trees at $25 per night per person.

Facilities : There is one shared indoor bathroom facility, one outdoor shower and two dry toilets. For large events, organizers will set up outdoor shower stalls and dry toilets. Please bring your own towels and biodegradable toiletries.

Meals : The organizers propose 3 meals per day including non-wheat, non-dairy and vegetarian choices. Meals may include fermented oats, quinoa, polenta, buckwheat groats, brown rice, tofu, meat or fish, vegetables, beans, edamame, fruits, nuts, soy and dairy yogurt. Beverages may include water, yerba mate, green tea, herbal medicinal teas, beet kvass, kefir, kombucha. Breakfast is $8, lunch $10, dinner $10. For all events, please reserve indicating food preference and/or dietary restrictions, so menus can be planned accordingly.

Reservations : To reserve accommodations at the venue, please send an email to: reservations@sweetspringsinstitute.org

Photos of the venue : To see photos of the property, main farmhouse and accommodations, please click here: Photos of the Venue

Lodgings in the Vicinity : There are a limited number of lodgings available within 7 miles of the venue. If you would like to see a list of local inns up to 30 minutes from the venue, please click here: Lodgings in the Vicinity Lodgings in the Vicinity