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Intent: Sweet Springs Institute is honored to provide a welcoming structure for the United Traditions Initiative (ITU-UTI) on the American continent and to sponsor inter-traditional encounters where participants can experience the connection between Unity of Purpose and Diversity of Expression.

The intent of ITU-UTI is to keep the spark of this connection alive and to let it guide us in our daily lives, so that the endeavors of the world's primordial traditions and those of the western world can be undertaken with the awareness that it is through working together that man can sustain the delicate balance that will allow our species to flourish and survive.

History: In 1997, spiritual leaders, medicine men and shamans from the traditions of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas gathered in France at the Tibetain Buddhist monastery Karma Ling with representatives of the world's contemporary religions, as equals, to share their practices and beliefs.

During this ten-day encounter on the theme of Unity through Diversity, heart felt connections emerged among the participants. They felt a sense of community and envisioned giving continuity to their experience at Karma Ling through future acts of solidarity and mutual assistance. Towards the end of the event, they manifested their intent by forming the United Traditions Initiative.

In a closing ceremony, celebrating their unity of purpose and the diversity of its expression, participants symbolically placed an imprint of their hands on a large parchment, a portion of which can be seen in the picture above.

Motivation: By founding the United Traditions Initiative, the delegations assembled at Karma Ling planted a seed that they knew, with time, would sprout and take on a momentum of its own.

Six years later, a future founder of Sweet Springs Institute and student of a lineage of Toltec teachings from ancient Mexico was inspired by a book recounting the spirit of this seminal event to visit Karma Ling. A small delegation was formed to make the voyage and was warmly welcomed by the lamas at the monastery.

Contemporary practitioners of the Toltec tradition soon began holding yearly practice events at Karma Ling on the very spot where the inter-traditional encounter had taken place in 1997.

Over time, many exchanges took place. A desire to explore the "oblique light" that one spiritual tradition can shed upon another was kindled and representatives of both traditions began to experience their unity of purpose through the diversity of its expression.

The mood of Karma Ling, its discipline and purpose motivated the founders of Sweet Springs Institute to become one of the projected gathering places for the United Traditions Initiative on each of the five continents. In 2011, Sweet Springs Institute was designated as the official seat of the United Traditions Initiative on the American continent.

Up coming Events: You are cordially invited to Sweet Springs Institute for a 3-day inter-traditional, interdisciplinary event inaugurating the United Traditions Initiative on the American continent. The inauguration ceremony will launch an inter-active workshop entitled We are Our Economy!

If you are interested in organizing or facilitating any aspect of this event, please send an email, subject line "We are our Economy", to participation@sweetspringsintitute.org