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Contributing Members : Contributing Members are individuals who support the goals and activities of Sweet Springs Institute on an on-going basis by subscribing to an annual membership fee. This type of contribution is a tax-deductible donation that is not made in exchange for any goods or services provided by Sweet Springs Institute. Your membership fee provides general funds that can be used by the organization to meet ongoing expenses, expand its welcoming structure, implement projects and otherwise further its goals.

Contributing members will receive all current announcements regarding the activities of the organization. They will also receive an annual Newsletter providing Sweet Springs Institute's financial statement, a recapitulation of what has been accomplished during the preceding year and a projection of what it intends to accomplish in the upcoming twelve month cycle.

The annual membership fee is $30. Membership subscriptions go from January to December. You will receive an invitation to renew your membership along with the annual Newsletter in January.

To become a Contributing Member of Sweet Springs Institute now, using the online PayPal secure payment system, simply click on the Donate button below and follow the indications. If your first membership subscription is effectuated at any time from January through May, your membership fee is $30. If your first membership subscription is effectuated at any time from June onward, your membership fee is $15.

Your financial information is not made available to anyone. You will be asked if you wish to receive a Donation Receipt indicating the amount of your tax-deductible donation and stating that you received no goods or services in exchange. PayPal will display a Payment Confirmation page after you make your donation to let you know that your contribution has been completed successfully. Click the "View Printable Receipt" link to print receipts for your records.

Honorary Members : Honorary Members are individuals who are being honored for furthering the goals of Sweet Springs Institute by making spontaneous contributions in various forms: contributions of time and expertise, contributions of material goods, contributions of good wishes and intent, monetary contributions or combinations of the above. If at any time, you would like to become an Honorary Member by making a contribution of this type, please click here: Contributions Page

On a subtle level, these spontaneous gestures assemble into cohesive energetic configurations based on common intent. The Bird of Freedom configuration is a metaphor, or visual representation of how independent activity can be focused into form leaving an energetic trace, a special mark on time and space. Click here to see this configuration: Bird of Freedom