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Description : Sweet Springs Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in West Virginia on the east coast of the United States in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. It is dedicated to contributing to a new dream for humanity by cultivating public awareness of "conscious integrity".

Conscious integrity is the force at play when we interact in a way that supports our connection to one another and to the world of which we are a part. It is a state of being that comes from the heart and it can be cultivated in ourselves and our relationships and then, as we widen our scope, in our communities, economy and environment.

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What we do : Sweet Springs Institute develops programs and sponsors events in which conscious integrity can be demonstrated scientifically and experienced directly by interested participants. Please consult our Programs and Events pages for information on special workshops and classes, weekly Life is Movement sessions, scheduled Silent Retreats and yearly Solstice and Equinox Events. 

As an educational organization, Sweet Springs Institute conducts ongoing research for the development of software applications designed to cultivate public awareness of conscious integrity in entrepreneurship and other fields of human endeavor. It also participates with local organizations in ongoing programs to raise public awareness of environmental issues.

In its capacity as the official seat of the United Traditions Initiative (ITU-UTI) on the American continent, Sweet Springs Institute sponsors inter-traditional and interdisciplinary encounters designed to acquaint the public with discoveries that will inspire our species to focus its attention on a most important question: What world do we intend to live in... and leave to future generations?

To learn more about the United Traditions Initiative, please click here: United Traditions Initiative (ITU-UTI)

Sweet Springs Institute also provides a welcoming structure for programs and events  sponsored by organizations with a similar purpose. As a silent retreat center, we offer and welcome proposals for individual and group retreats, inner healing sessions and mindfulness workshops.

Our projects for the development of our 52 acre eco-site include wildlife awareness along with the integration of geo-thermal, passive solar and water re-cycling techniques to maximize sustainability and minimize environmental impact. We hope to become a model and provide a training ground for a sustainable lifestyle based on the principle of using what is necessary and not more. See our Projects Page and Eco-site Page.

The simple, close-to-earth welcoming structure cultivates environmental awareness through more intimate connection with the eco-site. For more information, please click here : Welcoming Structure

Our Purpose : Our purpose is to evolve toward a new paradigm for human organization guided by the life-sustaining principles of conscious integrity. As we continue to develop our welcoming structure, it is our intent to inspire like-minded individuals and groups to participate in the creation of an intentional community on the 52 acre property at Sweet Springs Institute.

Our Activities : Our programs and events combine physical activity with emotional freedom techniques designed to expand awareness and promote the application of conscious integrity in all aspects of human endeavor. The frequent practice of moving meditation focuses attention on coordination and presence. Experiencing physical movements in different intensities through such activities as choreography or walking along steep terrain and paths with obstacles releases tension and stimulates circulation. Adopting new or unusual body positions quiets the mind and opens space for discovering personal purpose and connection to our primary supporter and provider - the Earth.